Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Welcome to the TLI Blog Page

This site is being created to provide information to TLI faculty as we transition through consolidation, program development, and NCATE initiatives. There is much work to be done and much that gets done that we never hear about.

Communication between faculty members should occur. Unfortunately, many of us are extremely busy and need something to make us look and read. The blog is set up so that it send an e-mail when information is posted. It can also provide a forum to discuss issues that pertain to faculty and a collection site for ideas posted for students.

Help me make this site useful to disseminate information. The blog will be public and currently has both faculty and student sections. Other pages will be added as recommendations are made. If you have an idea worth sharing, let me know. If you would like to provide posts to this site, please send me an e-mail (

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