Tuesday, November 5, 2013

TLI Faculty Meeting Agenda - November 6, 2013

Time:  12:00 p.m.

Location: EDBC 1.312
  • Welcome
  • TLI Department Blog - Member or Contributor
  • TLI Assessment Committee (Both Undergraduate and Graduate)
    • Committee Members
    • Tasks
  • TLI Personnel Committee Vote Results
    • Dr. Janice Butler
  • TLI Undergraduate Curriculum Committee Tasks
    • Coordinate with other Departments
    • Restructure Undergraduate Program (e.g., 48 hour core, 6 hours optional, test requirement changes)
    • Information was provided by Wendy Storm that Sandra Parnell and her colleagues at Baylor University compared the new EC6 Generalist and the old EC6 Generalist Frameworks. She shares her files and may be accessed at the following website:

  • TLI Graduate Curriculum Committee Tasks
    • Review M.Ed. courses
    • Doctoral courses (Dr. Gawenda's presentation)
  • Faculty Involvement in NCATE (e.g., dissemination presentations, CVs, committees)
  • Per Bill Dodd in Purchasing, Global Engagement must approve all out of country travel prior to the Provost to ensure that people aren’t traveling to dangerous countries. Current Countries to Avoid
  • TWS Validation and Scoring Team - Dr. Camen Garcia-Caceres
  • Thanksgiving Fixings - Refer to Norma's e-mail
  • Academic Senate Report - Dr. Bobbette Morgan
  • Doctoral Program Report - Dr. Peter Gawenda
  • Other

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