Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Our NCATE Legacy

This is just a quick note to the faculty of the Department of Teaching, Learning, and Innovation to let you all know that you have done an outstanding job in preparing to be ahead of all other universities in South Texas.

To that extent, we are positioned to be able to take the lead as the new University comes into effect. The UT Rio Grande Valley is going to need our help to establish a College of Education that is NCATE accredited. We have received word from Pedro Reyes, the executive Vice Chancellor for the UT System, asking us to provide a plan, budget, and resources so that the College of Education at UT RGV is NCATE accredited.

This will be a difficult task, but we have got to do our best to collaborate and have all of those that are part of the RGV College of Education work cooperatively, whether it be those here at UT Brownsville or UT Pan American. We have to find ways to work together to become in accredited . 

Our task is to ready ourselves for whatever challenges we face in the next few months. Without a doubt, we'll handle this next challenge with the same tenacity as ever and come out ahead for the teachers in our region. 

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